dezembro 17, 2008

(Minimalism revisited)

Robert Rauschenberg – The erased De Kooning drawing - 1953

Ives Klein - IKB 79 - 1959

Agnes Martin – In a bright day - Drawing - 1973

Robert Morris - Sculpture - 1965


Minimalism / Origins

Understanding Minimalism

Chomsky´s Minimalism (Linguística)


Philip Glass - Koiaanisqatsi

Steve Reich - Piano Phase

Minimal Moments – Balazs

Lutzenkirchen - Mimic

Lucio Aquilina – Magic M


The Bathroon - Jean-Phillipe Toussaint

Monsieur - Jean-Phillipe Toussaint

How it Is - Samuel Beckett

The Complete Short Prose – Samuel Beckett

LESS IS MORE is a quotation of Mies Van der Rohe (his quotes here).

2 comentários:

nydia bonetti disse...

Adoro esta escultura de Morris, Beto! Aliás, adoro esculturas. Neta e filha de escultores, não podia ser diferente não é? Infelizmente não herdei o dom...

Belinda Subraman Presents / Gypsy Art Show disse...

I remember seeing a book about Yves Klein and all his paintings of blue. What sticks in my mind most is, he also poured blue on large canvases on the floor and had a naked woman roll around in it and then framed it. Wickedly awesome mind!